Learn more about Romulus' vision for a sustainable future at Centre Court and our passion for supporting local business by attending our interactive event with the project team

Romulus: Investing in the future of Centre Court

Romulus, the new owners of Centre Court, are starting the process of placing the shopping centre back at the heart of Wimbledon’s community.

We are committed to transforming Centre Court in an environmentally aware and sustainable way, creating a lively open space to meet friends, family and colleagues to shop, relax, work, eat and drink or exercise.

Supporting local business growth in Wimbledon

Behind Romulus’ vision for the future of Centre Court is a desire to help local people grow their business.

Our aim is to support you with access to affordable and flexible workspace. As your company grows, we will work with you to help you expand into larger, more permanent space within the Centre.

Our sustainable vision for
Centre Court

Romulus is committed to being a compassionate community partner in Wimbledon, supporting local businesses and residents with a range of environmentally friendly and sustainable initiatives that will protect and enhance the area for years to come.

We want to create a community at Centre Court that benefits residents, businesses, and the wider community.

Through Huddle, our co-working and flexible workspace offering, we are able to provide affordable and accessible work space for individuals, start-ups, and scale-ups in the heart of Wimbledon.

The Centre Court transformation has started

Initial transformation

We have begun the process of making changes at Centre Court to improve your visitor experience.  Our five key areas of focus are:


24th November 2021
15:30 - 19:00

Drop in event #1

Meet the project team to find our more and tell us your views.

25th November 2021


Online meeting to hear more about the plans for Centre Court.

27th November 2021
10:00 – 14:00

Drop in event #2

Meet the project team to find our more and tell us your views.

Thank you to all those who attended the in-person events we held in November 2021 and February 2022

We received valuable feedback from the community, and we will be reviewing and incorporating this feedback as we update our proposals and return to the community again before the end of the year.

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