Growing from an entrepreneur with an idea to a dynamic start-up

Manish Rungta is a local Hammersmith Resident who founded Caelum Capital, an independent strategic advisor focused on Southeast Europe and other emerging markets.

In November 2020 Manish first took a flexible hotdesk membership in Huddle for 2-3 days a week. This allowed him to grow and establish his business in a workspace near home with the facilities he needed. As the company began to establish itself, we upgraded Manish’s membership to a dedicated coworking desk and subsequently a larger private office.

Huddle offers a full range of workspace packages from pay-as-you-go hotdesking to private offices for up to 30+ desks and includes access to business advisers, meeting spaces, tea, coffee, fresh fruit and a thriving community of events and activities.

Taking advantage of the support that Huddle offers Manish was able to grow his business in less than 18 months, moving into a small private office in July 2021. As the company continues to expand in the next quarter, Huddle will provide the space for Manish and Caelum to grow and flourish within an all-inclusive, community-driven, full-service workspace.

“Huddle is a dynamic light-filled workspace designed with individual work lifestyles in mind. From co-working spaces to private offices, informal break-out spaces to formal boardrooms, Huddle is built to help workspaces grow and thrive. Regardless of how small a business is starting from; Huddle is engineered for how big they endeavour to become.”

(Manish Rungta, CEO, Caelum Capital)

From co-working to a bespoke office studio, designed by Romulus

Over the past 20 years XYi Design has established itself as a trusted supplier to some of the largest film studios around the world, specialising in the adaptation and localisation of theatrical campaigns across all media in multiple territories.

XYi joined the Huddle community in 2019 and moved into a small private office. Benefitting from the support and flexibility that catered to the needs of a growing business, within a short period of time XYi had outgrown their space in Huddle and needed to upsize.

Romulus’ CustomBuild team worked with XYi to help them design, fit out and move into their new 2,900 sq ft office space within Huddle. CustomBuild provided all the services and support required, from high-speed fibre internet to coffee machines and cleaning services and furnished the space to their exact needs, ensuring there was room for the business to continue to grow.

By 2022, XYi had grown from 35 to 50 employees and yet again needed to find new office premises. Supported by the Romulus and CustomBuild teams, XYi moved into a new office that had been designed to their specification, without the hassle or cost a typical office relocation brings with it.

“Romulus’ ability to offer all-inclusive bespoke solutions to office needs, regardless of how big or small the company is, allows businesses like XYi the ability to quickly adapt to the ever-changing needs of a growing business.” (Matthew Edgell, CEO, XYi Design)

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