Initial transformation

Romulus are committed to transforming Centre Court, in an environmentally friendly and sustainable way, into a lively, open space to meet friends, family and colleagues to shop, relax, work, eat and drink or exercise.

The process for these changes has begun, with six planning applications having been submitted since the start of October 2021.

The original building will be retained - one example of how we intend to update Centre Court as sustainably as possible – and it is our intention that our improvements will provide more jobs through the introduction of affordable and flexible new workspaces.

By providing this support, we not only believe that we can contribute to the economic recovery of Wimbledon town centre following Covid, but that we can also provide a platform to help local people launch and grow their businesses.

Opening up Queen's Road

A series of improvements along Queen’s Road will increase pedestrian access, create landscaped green spaces and open up on to an exciting new food court.

Retractable roof, creating central courtyard

A new retractable roof will provide a fantastic courtyard experience, creating a new central meeting point for the community. New food and retail outlets will open up onto the space.

Umbrella sky

In order to brighten up the entrances to Centre Court from Broadway, a new umbrella art installation has been installed and will have its colours changing throughout the year.

New workplaces

The creation of new flexible workplaces will enable people to work in Wimbledon, either in our co-working space or in one of our private offices.

Exciting new uses at Centre Court

Our aim is to put Centre Court back at the heart of Wimbledon with a mix of dynamic new uses to cater to the demands of residents, including shops, gym, workspaces, restaurants and bars.

Ongoing works at Centre Court

Romulus commenced construction works in the courtyard of Centre Court in early January. Hoarding was installed inside the Centre to isolate the works and scaffolding has been erected in the main atrium.

Demolition and structural modifications have begun to form a new and enlarged structural opening for the sliding rooflight with works to form the new Queen’s Road entrance having begun in April.

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