The Existing Site

Centre Court Shopping Centre opened in 1990. Unfortunately the Centre is now tired, with 50% vacancy levels. The former anchor store – Debenhams – closed in 2019 and there is no clear linkage between Centre Court and the rest of Wimbledon Town Centre.

The challenges

In order to reinvigorate Centre Court, a number of challenges need to be overcome:

  • Limited mix uses: The future of town centre will be based around the curation of experiences, giving people a reason to come along. At the moment Centre Court has a limited range of uses and is too focussed on retail. Whilst retail will always be important, a wider selection of activities need to be provided.

  • Poor connectivity: Centre Court can provide a more welcoming series of entrances. There is currently poor connectivity to Queen’s Road which can be improved considerably, helping to create a true neighbourhood centre. The entrances to Centre Court can be opened up and made far more welcoming. We have found many people are unaware of the entrance on Queen’s Road which linked to Debenhams.

  • Limited green spaces: At present there is little green space and landscaping both within and outside Centre Court.

  • Vacant units: Along with shopping centres across the UK, Centre Court has a high level of vacant retail units. This reflects the transition from traditional shopping environments to online retail.
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